Chaban launches new probiotic range

Published on: 24.06.2019

In collaboration with Chr. Hansen, a Danish bioscience company, Chaban has developed two new products – a bio kefir and bio yoghurt with lactobacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus, LGG.

“The safety and health benefits of products have always been the company’s main priority,” explains Dinara Urmancheyeva, Marketing Director. “CHABAN combines classical traditions and modern technology, and the fortification of fermented milk products with probiotic cultures represents a new milestone in the brand’s development.”

The Pure-Pak® Mini carton was seen as a good fit within Chaban’s ‘classic traditions and modern technology.

“We wanted to launch the products in a new and convenient format, but at the same time – in an already tested and approved pack. Therefore, the choice fell on the Pure-Pak® Mini carton”.

Dinara Urmancheyeva, Marketing Director Chaban

This is an ideal size pack, which is also very ergonomic and easy to use,” adds Dinara Urmancheyeva. “Indeed, we have already received a lot of feedback from the consumer that the carton is very convenient, and they appreciate its traditional character. Many consumers also noted the importance of the environmental friendliness of this carton for a premium brand.”

With the launch of this functional product onto the Russian market, Chaban is opening up new markets for its brands, and responding to the rise in demand for products that support health and wellbeing.

“These are landmark products for Chaban and are their first to be launched in Pure-Pak® Mini cartons,” says Pavel Vylegzhanin Elopak’s General Manager in Russia. “Consumers are increasingly demanding added value from products, including benefits to their health and wellness. LGG has proven benefits for the immune and gastrointestinalfunction, and gut health is becoming a more important issue for consumers.”