Elopak Preventive Maintenance Program

The Elopak Preventive Maintenance Program comprises the care and servicing of our Filling Lines in regular intervals for the purpose of maintaining equipment in a satisfactory operating condition, ensuring maximum machine efficiency and operational excellence.

The Elopak Preventive Maintenance Program comprises the care and servicing of our Filling Lines in regular intervals for the purpose of maintaining equipment in a satisfactory operating condition, ensuring maximum machine efficiency and operational excellence.

Such is done by providing systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures, either before they occur or before they develop into major defects. Overall, the specific PMP jobs are classified following EN Standards (EN 13306: 2010) in function of the required skill level of the operator / technician to ensure good execution. As such, the Elopak Preventive Maintenance program constitutes our of 3 pillars, i.e.

  • The short term maintenance as outlined in the user manual, for which only basic skill levels 1 or 2 are required. These are typically performed by customer personnel at prescribed intervals on CIP (Cleaning in Place) following these specific maintenance instructions provided by Elopak. Naming and numbering of procedures follow naturally the structure of our filling line modules and sub-modules. As such, the necessary solid foundation of a strong preventive maintenance program is ensured.
  • The long term maintenance (every 1000 or 1250 running hours, depending on the machine type) includes tests, measurements, adjustments, as well as parts replacement. Complexity is such that higher level skills 3 or 4 are required and hence such maintenance activities are typically performed by professional Elopak personnel.
  • Together with our customers, we create an individual myPMP, a systematic ISO 22000 approach maintaining, monitoring and controlling Preventive Maintenance Program including all dimensions (1) A procedural handbook describing every task in detail, (2) Status and history at task level, (3) Historical and zero machine parameter settings, (3) Spare parts stock positions and / or order status, (4) Training curricula and certifications.

Spare parts management

Saving you Time and Money
Elopak takes full ownership of your original spare parts management

Through active stock management across our main spare parts warehouse located in M’Gladbach (Germany) and 6 smaller units geographically spread out, we ensure full coverage delivering original spare parts with an OTIF rate of 98%. Our customers need the right components on time and on budget, but you certainly don’t need the hassle of managing parts supply. Indeed, Elopak manages all aspects of your parts’ supply. Our unique knowledge and experience combined with extensive documentation records of the installed machine base, allow for a sustainable optimisation of your parts’ procurement.

Leveraging historical data, on-site safety stock analyses while possibly combining with a pre-ordering approach for planned services we work towards shortened, yet agreed time it takes to get your parts delivered during the lifetime of your filling lines. Stock levels are optimized in function of your needs and adjusted accordingly to changes over time.

Acting as one-point-of-contact, we further reduce complexity. Through our proprietary spare parts packages we offer complete solutions, when and how you need them. We offer Spare Parts Combination Packages, Preventive Maintenance Packages as well as Quick Exchange Modules, eventually customized to your specific needs and down to each single machine serial number. The Elopak Service Center manages the bill-of-materials, ensuring complete ready kits, and defines a customized supply chain ranging from conventional ordering/call-offs to Vendor Managed Inventory and Supplier Managed Replenishment solutions. In addition to benefitting from a strongly reduced risk for mistakes and corresponding machine downtimes, Elopak Spare Parts Packages reduce the number of purchasing actions, lower overall adminsitrative costs moreover working capital needs.

Elopak Helpline

Care without Compromise
Whether you need help, advice or support, the Elopak Helpline is here for you 24/7.

We have a team of multilingual staff who are available 24/7 to provide day-to-day support and emergency assistance. Whatever time zone you’re in, we’ll be ready and waiting for your call.

With a network of telephone support and certified service technicians, Elopak Helpline provides peace of mind and protection, when you need it most.

The Pure Pak System has a reputation for reliability and by providing first class service Elopak ensures that it retains its market leader status with equipment that has the highest up-time and lowest maintenance costs.

Elopak Training Services

Closest to You
Elopak Training Services allow you to acquire our expertise in handling, packing & filling keeping everything running smoothly

Elopak offers a wide range of training courses for your filling equipment operators, maintenance technicians, quality engineers and middle management. Modules can be selected and customized depending the skill level required e.g. (1) Operator Level, (2) Technical or (3) Engineering.

Courses are given by experienced and dedicated trainers eventually in local language. Either at Elopak or on customer premises. And further supported by E-Learning courses driving sustainable implementation.

Participants are certified, not just in function of attended courses but only after an on-site certification assessment effectively applying acquired skills and knowledge. A log is kept in myPMP.

Elopak Technical Center (ETC)

Designed to Perform
Elopak Technical Centre (ETC) possesses the knowledge and expertise to find and validate the Pure Pak solution that’s right for you

We take care of the most demanding or delicate products ensuring safe arrival at the consumer. Strongly supported by our R&D organization, our Elopak Technical Centre, located in Spikkestad (Norway) possesses the knowledge and expertise to develop custom-made solutions. Indeed, in our Design Centre, we combine a thorough understanding of the packing process and filling equipment with structural and graphic design creativity.

Our collaborative approach makes us find solutions that really work. You’d expect such from us. Our vast knowledge and experience on packing and filling machinery for any type of application, ensures perfect hygiene conditions and efficiency on the filling lines. We provide regular Hygiene Checks and through our fully equiped Food Science Lab, we offer complete system validation, including Sensory Tests.