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System solutions for ambient products

Looking for unique and convenient packaging to protect your ambient product? Our Pure-Pak® carton gives your product recognizable design features and a premium look and feel. No spilling, easy handling and the iconic gable top that will elevate your product towards consumers.

Recognized premium design

Preferred by consumers

Designed and produced for recycling

Our most sustainable aseptic carton
Our most sustainable aseptic carton

Pure-Pak® eSense Aseptic

Reduce the carbon footprint with up to 50%, and unlock the opportunity of a fully renewable aseptic carton with our aluminium-free packaging.

Pure-Pak® Sense Aseptic

Differentiate your brand and pack your liquid products in a packaging consumers prefer.

Filling machine for ambient cartons

Broaden your spectrum of aseptically filled products and open up possibilities to new markets. Easy one-operator-handling with quick change between products. Efficient cleaning for a more productive line.

Our hygienic filling machine platform features a unique modular design for exceptional flexibility in installation, operation and maintenance.

Our filling machines for ambient products

A complete service solution

Our full-scale service solution with lifetime support for seamless operations.

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Protect your cartons with secondary packaging

Let us help you make your out-bound logistic easy, sustainable and efficient.

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