Seal the deal

The packaging material is the first impression consumers meet when searching the aisle. Through decades, we have perfected fiber-based packaging and gained leading expertise on what consumers want and prefer.

The cardboard serves multiple purposes. It offers an unbeatable communication surface and optimal logistics, reducing plastic by up to 90 % compared to alternative packaging. It also provides a safe and leak-proof container, secure and ready for transportation and usage.

You can choose from a wide range of boards to fit your needs and brand. We offer two options for barrier depending on your product type; aluminium barrier or EVOH. EVOH is a polyolefin blend barrier which is aluminium free. The aluminum-free barrier reduce the carbon footprint with up to 50% compared to an average carton.

Our Natural Brown Board carton is more environmentally friendly than white, bleached cartons. It communicates a commitment to sustainability and instantly stands out on the shelves. By not bleaching the final layer on the outside of the carton reveals a rustic, fibrous surface with an authentic and sustainable look and feel. Using less wood and fewer bleaching chemicals results cartons that communicate a clear commitment to sustainability.

Reduce plastic

Less plastic

Home and personal care products are typically filled in packaging made entirely from plastics. Our cartons are made of wood from sustainably managed forests and offer a natural alternative to plastics.

Lower carbon emissions

Pure-Pak® cartons are made from renewable sources with lower carbon footprint. In our manufacturing we only use renewable electricity and we are continuously increasing our material efficiency. The flattened shape also means more efficient distribution.

Less fossil fuels

Our cartons consist of on average 75% paperboard, which is naturally made from a renewable resource that grows back: the forest. Renewable packaging has lower carbon footprint than fossil-based alternatives and safeguards resources for generations to come.


Our cartons are fully recyclable. Recycling lessens the need for virgin material and reduces waste. Our clear goal is to prevent our cartons from going to landfills, and we strongly promote the recycling of cartons.

Paper fibers from beverage cartons are highly desirable because they consist of strong virgin fibers. Our cartons contain fibers of very high quality that can be recycled up to seven times. After collection and sorting, beverage cartons go to dedicated paper recycling mills. Water and agitation separate the paper fiber from the plastic and aluminum layers. The result is a paper fraction used to make new products, such as secondary packaging material.

We work with industry peers to increase and strengthen the collection and recycling of cartons in our markets. The beverage carton industry continues to support recycling by promoting innovation in recycling solutions, stakeholder engagement, and collaboration.