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Roll Fed packaging solutions

What if your next packaging could be both affordable and attractive to consumers? Roll Fed packaging ensure efficient production, low cost-per-filled package, and robustness for transportation. Did we mention our top-of-class support on materials, production, food science and logistics? Let’s find the best solutions for your need.

Long shelf life

High quality yet affordable

More sustainable than plastic

Packaging that matters

Consumers are looking for more affordable products without compromising on health and sustainability. Meet increasing demand for on-the-go products with a flexible solution that provides the benefit of introducing news or follow trends fast and efficient.

Choose among a variety of sizes and formats. Our sustainable Natural Brown board helps brands attract attention with it’s unique and environmentally friendly look and feel. Compatible with a wide option of openings you can customize your packaging to your desired target group.

With leading expertise in packaging materials, food science and technical service we support brands throughout the process to fit every need.

Key features for Roll Fed

Brand image

Our high quality EloChrome printing technology with photographic finish, ensures that your product will have an appealing and consistent design. The coated carton leaves your product with a shiny and smooth surface, ready to wow the consumer.

Sustainable solutions

Packaging can be both affordable and sustainable, and our Roll Fed solution is a proof of that. Our fully recyclable cartons have an 7% lower carbon foot print than an average carton.

Innovative technology

Avoid contamination or quality loss with our state-of-the art strip and lamination technology that completely seals the packaging. Keep the good stuff in, and everything else out.

Size options

We have a wide variety of sizes and formats available.The smaller sizes for on-the go consumption comes with a straw hole, and bigger sizes are ideal for affordable value packs.


Our Roll Fed is compatible with a wide range of filling machines suitable for filling dairy, plant-based alternatives, juice and alcohol​.

Shelf life

Longer shelf life means less food waste. Depending on the product, you can enjoy up to 12 months shelf life when you chose our Roll Fed packaging solution.

up to 12 months

Boards and barriers

The exterior of your packaging is the first impression the consumers meet at the shopping aisle. By choosing our unique Natural Brown Board, you make your brand stand out and while reducing your product’s carbon footprint. Consumers want sustainability, help them make the right choice.

Protect your cartons with secondary wrapping

Let us help you make your out-bound logistic easy, sustainable and efficient.

Our secondary packaging