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Our most sustainable carton

Packaging communicates a brands commitment to the environment. Choosing the most sustainable option does not just reduce the overall carbon footprint of your product, but it aligns with consumers growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions.

Today, beverage cartons already have the lowest CO2 footprint among liquid food packaging. With our Pure-Pak® Imagine we enable brands the possibility to take sustainability efforts a step further, reducing plastic with 46% compared with a regular carton.

Packaging that matters

Have you ever imagined a carbon neutral carton? We did. And then we made it.

The iconic easy-to-open feature from the 70’s is not just a pretty design element. It gives consumer easy pour, less food waste and easier recycling.

The secret to the iconic Pure-Pak® Imagine is in it’s elegance and simplicity. By removing a part of the carton many judge as needed, we end up with a carton with significantly less plastic. Made from even more natural renewable materials and using fewer resources.

Shape and appearance is the first recognition point for consumers. The Imagine carton’s unique top fin adds outstanding differentiation so your brand gets the attention and consideration among competitors on a busy shelf.

Key features of Pure-Pak® Imagine

Make a difference

Every year, the beverage industry produces nearly 200 billion cartons. Imagine if they were all made from renewable materials, 100% wood and were recyclable. Choose easy opening and make a difference.

It’s all in the details

The organic and playful shape of the top fin is an eye catcher that looks great in the shelf and the breakfast table.

A natural board

Using less wood and fewer bleaching chemicals, resulting in unique, natural-looking cartons which effectively communicate this commitment to sustainability and instantly stands out on the shelves.

Size options

The Pure-Pak® Imagine carton is available as 1000 ml and can be combined with all our optional environmental features for the most sustainable package solutions.


Pure-Pak® Imagine is suitable for low and high acid products like milk, milk alternatives and juice.

Shelf life

Longer shelf life means less food waste. You can enjoy up to 90 days shelf life when you chose Pure-Pak® Sense, depending on process, filling and cooling chain in available in the region.

up to 60 days

100% wood-based

Our Natural Brown Board gives a unique natural look and organic feel. The PurePak Imagine is a 100% wood-based carton, made with forest-based renewable PE. Comes with FSC™ and CarbonNeutral® certifications to ensure the forest and climate are cared for.

Form, fill and seal with modern and easy to use filling machines

Our filling machine platform features a unique modular design for exceptional flexibility in installation, operation and maintenance.

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Less food waste
Less food waste

Pure-Pak® Sense

The modern choice for improved brand visibility with unique folding and grip functionality.