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Today, consumers don’t buy products; they buy brands reflecting their values. Our Pure-Pak® Classic is recognized for freshness, quality and sustainability by consumers worldwide.

Milk has traditionally been a valuable commodity securing nutrition and economic development. By utilizing the right packaging, milk will stay fresh for longer – reducing food waste and prolonging it’s value.

Packaging that matters

Only the best innovations can be enjoyed through generations. Our iconic Pure-Pak® Classic is one of those. Made to keep the content fresh, the packaging has become a sign of quality in all parts of the world.

The Pure-Pak® Classic is the best option for any low acid products such as milk and juice, and with our high-quality system solution your product can have up to 90 days shelf life. Long shelf life does not only reduce food waste, but it makes it easier for the consumer to choose environmentally friendly containers for their fresh milk or juice products.

Our Pure-Pak® Sense carton brings out a nostalgia among consumers that provides an highly effectful and valuable positioning other packaging can’t match.

Key features of Pure-Pak® Classic

The original

The iconic Pure-Pak® gable top carton has stood the test of time. More than 100 years after its invention, it is still one of the world’s most popular packages for milk and juice products.

Preferred through generations

The right packaging give your brand a competitive edge, and our Pure-Pak cartons has been preferred through generations and is the winner of numerous consumer tests.

Fully recyclable

To create further value, opt for fully recyclable cartons that can turn into new products such as tissue paper and cardboard boxes.

Size options

The Pure-Pak® Classic carton comes in a variety of fill-sizes and cross sections from 118 ml up to 2000ml, and all can be combined with our wide selection of environmental features for the most sustainable packaging solutions in the market.


Pure-Pak® Classic is suitable for low and high acid products like plant based, dairy, juice, non-flavoured water and soups.

Shelf life

Longer shelf life means less food waste. You can enjoy up to 90 days shelf life when you chose Pure-Pak® Sense, depending on process, filling and cooling chain in available in the region.

up to 90 days

“TINE’s milk carton is our faithful everyday hero. Every detail has been carefully thought through.”

Bjørn Malm, Chief product manager at TINE, Norway’s largest dairy

Cap or closure free. You choose.

Our Pure-TwistFlip closures are designed for products in chilled distribution. Or choose to go cap-free with Easy-opening – our most environmentally friendly option.

Openings for chilled cartons

Boards and barriers

Our different paperboards are designed to ensure carton integrity and to protect the product from the external environment.

Explore our boards and barriers

Form, fill and seal with modern and easy to use filling machines

Our filling machine platform features a unique modular design for exceptional flexibility in installation, operation and maintenance.

Filling machines for chilled products

Other options for chilled products

Most sustainable product
Most sustainable product

Pure-Pak® Imagine

Meet future consumer demands with our most sustainable carton to date.